Psalm 3

by Michael

When I stood to worship you I thought that I had reached the limits of how to express my praise. When I bowed before you I felt I would never need another way to show my allegiance. When I rocked the drums I knew I couldn’t find a greater expression of thanks. When I sang along with a chorus of angels I believed I had finally given peace to my need to say I love you.

Now my legs are numb, my knees are raw, I can’t move my arms they’re so sore, my throat is dry and hoarse, my lungs burn like chilies and I haven’t said enough. I’ve given myself to you; learned to sing and drum and dance all for you, but in the end, I cannot show enough how much you mean to me.

One touch from you needs a symphony, one gift deserves a new style of drum, every word deserves its own poem, and I haven’t muscles strong enough to sing, nor big enough to play. I don’t have the vocabulary or imagination to say enough.

I’m dying in my expressions so you’d know how great you are. I know if you utter another word or grace me with another touch I would live and die again if only so you’d know that I love you with all I can.