Get on my level!

by Michael

“Get on my level!”

This is a phrase that is becoming increasingly popular today. In years past, people would say that they would not “stoop to so and so’s level” or would candidly “level with you”. As a gamer, I’m all about levels.

When it comes to God though, we are mostly told that God is on a different level. Some people feel that when it comes to Christianity, the challenge is to get on God’s level (1 Pet. 1:16 “Be holy, because I am holy”).

For people who don’t believe in God, they often believe God to be in a completely different game where levels don’t matter. It would seem, that God is on an unreachable level, so there’s no point in even playing the game.

I believe in a different view.

C.S. Lewis talks about the concept of Jesus being a diver who dives into the deepest waters in order to retrieve us, an invaluable pearl resting in the seabed below. I like this because it illustrates something that we often forget: Jesus got on our level. God did not say “Get on my level.” Instead, he got on ours. We feel that God has his limits though and so we believe that he doesn’t understand some of us, that he is above us. But if we look at Scripture, we see a different story.

In 1 Peter 3:18-20, we read about Jesus going to preach to the dead. Some interpret this to mean that Jesus descended into hell. This is often not a place we believe God would Go. But Jesus doesn’t leave the cave of 100 trials unexplored on his quest. He goes to the very bottom, he’s been to the lowest of the low. I love this because rather than being a God who sits on high and tells us what to do and expects us to work our way to him, he comes to us.

Jesus is on your level, and he says, “Come at me bro.”